Business Intelligence

Nestor Technologies provides BI solutions for both technicaland non-technical users.

Our solutions simplify the tasks with an easy-to-use interface and functionality for your data aggregation and analytical needs. We also offer the data search and analytics platform with integrated information modeling and visualization capabilities. Our tools help increase productivity and enable organizations make the right business decisions.

Data Integration

Connect effortlessly to any data source – without requiring IT support or violating corporate governance standards. Use an intuitive interface to easily transform and analyze result sets. You can add columns and groupings, find duplicates, perform calculations, and more.

Data Analysis

Rapidly consolidate, prepare, browse, visualize, and analyze data from any source. Easily conduct analyses and decision modelling and view your results; business intelligence environment that’s easy to use and requires minimal training.

Data Provisioning

Develop advanced single-platform and cross-platform SQL queries through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and connect easily and run queries against nearly any data source. Plus, transform and analyze results sets, automate and schedule routine tasks, and access advanced mathematical and statistical functions through SQL.

Data Analytics

Leverage data investments by converting big data clusters into information models, searchable visualizations, and knowledge. Extract large quantities of actionable information from your database.